Monday, 3 June 2013

கை அடிப்பது என்றால் என்ன?

Kai Adipathu

So many questions fall in mind , but first kai adipathu eppadi this is want most of the school boys and college freshers need to find. It is also not easy when they hear this for first time, if you want to refer more, check kai adika eatha styles and time that will suit the best when you want to get more sugam. Unmailaye adhu seivathil enna seiya venum, dream allathu imagination or you can also enjoy with your lover. If you ask to some one who is mature already, they will explain you for kai adipathu enral enna but if you really care about to know the original tricks and types that whether. There are some bad guys who teach kamakathaikal for some friends who will be interested in listening all these from the neighbours, but there are some stories, thangachi, amma, teacher, athai kai adikum different positions will also be required to know what are the best ways. So better read the story in full in future. This is quite cool.

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